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Solid Gold CZ Jewelry At Its Finest - Beautiful Affordable Jewelry

The most beautiful fake diamonds you'll ever see. Fine cubic zirconia jewelry since 1964
We carry a full line of cz jewelry set in solid 14kt gold jewelry.
Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets Cubic Zirconia Solitaires
Cubic Zirconia Eternity Bands Cubic Zirconia 3 Stone Rings

What makes Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds Cubic Zirconia so different?

  • We start with the finest quality cut cz stones and we add heavy 14kt gold mountings.
  • Our jewelers are all experienced craftsman.
  • We have the best quality control in the business.
  • We will reject all jewelry that does not meet our stringent standards.
  • All of our cubic zirconia stones come with a lifetime guarantee to never get cloudy or discolor
  • We don't require you to pay extra to be a member to get a better price.

*All discounts excludes clearance, limited time offer pieces, special and custom orders. Offer not valid for previous purchases. This is a limited time offer.

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