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Orleans Jewels Repair Services

Please be assured that if your Orleans Jewels merchandise should need any type of repair, we can and will provide it. We stand behind our merchandise 100% and can provide any type of repair on your Orleans Jewels merchandise. We have our own master jewelers who are highly experienced in the setting and repair of our jewelry if needed. Any and all repairs, if necessary, can be provided by our jewelers.

- If you have a piece of Counterfeit Diamond jewelry that needs to be repaired, you can send it in to us for a free estimate. Repairs usually take 8 to 10 business days from the day the estimate is approved.
- When sending in your jewelry for repair, please be sure to include a detailed note of what you see that needs to be fixed and include your daytime telephone number and return address.
- Please make sure you package your jewelry in a crush-proof box to prevent any further damage to your jewelry.

Please send all repairs to:
DeGrado, Inc
Attn: Repairs
P.O. Box 389
Benton, MS 39039