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Wide Band Solitaires

Solitaire engagement rings set on wide 14kt gold bands from 2mm to 12mm, quality bands in 14k gold and platinum.  These bands are set with our high quality, hand cut and polished cubic zirconias in genuine diamond settings, for a beautiful engagement ring that will last a lifetime.

Wide Band Solitaires

  • 3 Carat Marquise CZ Solitaire on 8mm Oval Band

    This stunning solitaire engagement ring features a 3 carat marquise cubic zirconia of the highest quality set on an 8mm oval 14k white gold band.  This ring is available in the stone color and shape of your choice.  Please contact us if you'd...

  • 5 Carat Pear CZ Solitaire on 8mm Flat Band

    This stunning 5 carat pear cubic zirconia in set on an 8mm wide flat 14k gold band. Our wide band solitaires are available with any shape and size stone in band widths from 2mm to 8mm. The bands can be custom ordered in 14Kt pink gold, 18kt and...