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The rings are beyond amazing.  Orleans Jewels work is incredible.  

Hi Mike,
I received my new rings, and I must say they are really exquisite.  The pictures did not do justice to the actual rings.  Thank you for doing such a great job. I will enjoy them for many years to come.
Holly T.

Hello and Happy New Year,
     I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful three stone ring that I recently purchased from you (December).  I absolutely love it and the first day I wore it, I received numerous compliments.  It was a custom ring and we planned it over the phone, so  I really wasn't sure what it would look like until I received it. I upgraded from a 2.5 carat canary yellow stone to a 3.5,  The tri's were enlarged also.  The new setting is so much better than my previous ring which I traded in to get this one.   I'm looking forward to doing business with you again soon!  Thanks so much - you do great work!
Roselyn K.

Dear Mike and Amy,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring today. I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so much like the set I lost, except that it looks even more beautiful! My husband was amazed and was thrilled with it.
Thank you so much for the quick delivery! It was a real pleasure doing business with y'all. Take care and God bless.
Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Tina G.

Thank you guys so much for great service and a beautiful ring for Ashley!! We both love it and we are looking forward to a great life together. You guys are awesome!!!
Take Care,
Mark L.

I received my one carat diamond solitaire with the double heart ring wrap and they are beautiful. I love wearing them - your sizing is great - and I wanted to express my thanks for making an affordable and lovely wedding set.
Lucy D.

I have never thanked you for the beautiful wedding set I purchased at least 3 yrs before Katrina hit the MS Gulf Coast. I still have it today and I am still getting compliments about how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for making such fine quality rings. I will always come back to shop with you. I'm now living in Florida and I have yet to find someone who make rings look as good as yours. I've had several of my friends buy from your company and I will always tell people about you, I was sad at the thought maybe Katrina had caused you to leave but I was elated to know you are still around. Even when I had a slight problem you have always taken such care and given me such good customer service. Thanks for being so great!
Barbara from FL

Good morning Mike,
My Eternity Band and Stud Earrings just arrived and I am delighted... I was able to track their route which is gratifying in its' own right.. Thank you for your good service and professional way of handling me.. As with most women, we want it RIGHT NOW! which is not possible from such a long way away. The pieces are truly beautiful and I will look after them.
Sincerely yours,
CB from Canada

I received my ring today and I have to say it is unbelieveable!!! I have never been more pleased with a piece of jewelry. I will definitely be a returning customer. Forget paying real diamond prices when you can get what I got!! Thank your wife for me also!!

I don't think I took the time to thank you for my beautiful ring! I spent MONTHS crusing your site, along with Ziamond. I purchased this ring when it went on sale, worried that that might mean you were going to quit making it. I've had it almost a year now and I still haven't found a ring style / setting I love more! In fact, I always notice the rings my clients have on, and I've only seen ONE that even came close. I love being able to have a beautiful, well-made setting with a stone that is the size I want (minus the price, worry and guilt of a diamond). Thanks for offering such beautiful alternatives. This isn't the type of purchase I make often (even a fake diamond is considerable amount for me), but I'm sure I'll be back for more. I'll also continue to tell my friends about your site.

My ring arrived yesterday, and I had little tears in my eyes when I opened the box. It is so beautiful and lovely, and such a perfect reminder of the one I lost! I thank you so much for undertaking the project for me and for creating such a beautiful piece! I will wear it with happiness always. And I will also make sure to let people know about Orleans jewels!
Thank you so very much,

I wanted you to know ASAP I just got my custom full eternity band today, L0716. I changed the sapphire stones to rubies and I ordered yellow gold instead of white gold. I spent the last 21 days nervously awaiting delivery of my ring. Did I do the right thing in changing colors? Well... I slowly (and somewhat apprehensively I might add) opened that cute little black velvet box, and my ring caught the overhead light. Boy, the sparkle! I could hardly catch my breath! My ring was GORGEOUS! It turned out to be everything I hoped for, and even more. It looks like one of the designer bands I have seen in high-end jewelery stores, such as the one with the little blue box. I know the price of gold is in the stratosphere these days, not to mention diamonds, especially flawless ones. I'm sure this band would set me back MANY THOUSANDS if the stones were "the real thing", WAAY beyond my budget. The vintage style and workmanship are SUPERB as well! Everything about this ring is top drawer! I will wear this ring and revel in its sparkle for a long time to come. As far as my ring not being set with real diamonds goes, I figure I'll let my heirs deal with that! HA! HA!
Angela K

Bottom-line - she absolutely loved it!!!!! Great job in crafting etc.... Look forward to working with you again one of these days......
Thanks - you made me a hero.....

I received the ring today. It is lovely! Perfect fit - I am delighted. Many thanks for all your kind attention and dedicated customer service. It was greatly appreciated. Best wishes for a lovely weekend.
Kind regards,

Hey there Mike! Received my tennis bracelet yesterday, wow so quick I was amazed as you shipped it on Friday, and just wanted to let you know how much I love it! It truly is a beauty and the stones - well I can't tell them apart from the real thing. The stones look great and the size of the bracelet makes it easily believable. Love it. Will be doing more business with you soon.
Pam D.

Dear Mike,
The customs finally released the ring after some communication back and forth, and I picked it up yesterday at the post office. I don't have words to describe how happy I am with the ring, it is excuisite! It is even more breathtaking in real and I can't keep my eyes of it. Thank you so much for this beautiful ring and all the great service along the way! I can't wait to show it off tomorrow at the office. Have a lovely Christmas with your family.
Warm regards,

hi mike!
the ring is wonderful!! i love it and it fits super comfy =] i may order another you do yellow gold?? i really love it and i'll show it off to my neighbors and friends. once they say "it's fantastic" i'll surprise them with the "faux" description!! have a super thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!! and when i want to get more....can i email you directly or do i go thru the website??? thanks a million again mike!!

I recently ordered ring #74259 in sterling silver. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the ring. It was well worth the wait. I lost my wedding rings two months ago while on vacation celebrating our 5yr anniversary, and was very anxious to get a replacement. We thought that this purchase would be interim, but I am keeping this and wearing it every day! I feel like I just got engaged all over again. Your customer service and product quality far surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much.
Thank you,

Hi Mike~
I got my ring today~ OMG!!!! Love it! Thanks so much for all of your excellent service & please tell Hans the same. I am so glad I decided to go with the bigger stones. It's just gorgeous.

Hello Mike,
The new ring showed up on time, and my wife loves it. Every time she looks at the ring on her finger,
her eyes light up. It is everything that she hoped for. Thank you for making this dream come true for her. It has been as much a pleasure working with you and your company today, as it was back in 1997 when we purchased our original wedding set.

"I have used Orleans Jewels numerous times for various pieces of jewelry. I find their professionalism, attention to detail, and the quality of their workmanship, second to none. I am proud to say I am a repeat customer and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for jewelry that looks as though you spent thousands of dollars instead of just hundreds.
Thank You Orleans Jewels. CJ"

ok THANKS got the Ring fits perfect!!!!!!!!!!!, she loves me and we are engaged...yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you then get me a discount on the matching band same size etc... let me know ASAP thanks pleasure doing business..
ME Jorge C...happy customer, happy husband to a soon to be wife once you get the wedding band....

Hi Mike,
I received my ring yesterday and its absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! Wow! I cannot thank you enough for
just the most tremedous service and quality of your work. In all honesty it was so worth the wait.
I will continue to buy more from you. I have my eyes on the 3 carat solitaires so you know I will be back. Thank you again Mike for everything,
Best Regards,

Hi Mike!! I got my ring today and it is fabulous!!! I will tell all my friends about your site!!
Thank you so much!!!! Beth

Hi OJ,
We just received our order yesterday (1 carat stone in white gold tiffany setting). IT IS GORGEOUS!
We compared it to a real diamond and there is no difference!!! So sparkly! We were a bit hestitant at first because we had originally decided to go with a Moissanite stone, but thought we would try an OJ stone because you have such a great return policy. We are so happy we did... I just want to thank you so much for everything. You guys were so helpful and seemed to be around whenever I had a question. The night after we placed our online order to change the requested size. It was about 10pm and I was expecting to get an answering machine, but someone (Mike?) answered the phone and was sooo helpful. And then, because I was so excited, I called about three days later to ask when it would arrive, and they let me know exactly what was happening with it and that I would be getting it the following week. We ended up getting it 5 days before we had expected! We will be getting back to you soon when it is time to get our wedding bands!
Thanks again,

Hi Mike,
I love, love, love my ring!!! Thank you so much for your courteous customer service and support.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my emerald cut ring and I must say I am just thrilled. The quality is superb. What I absolutely love is the setting. The ring is beautiful and a piece that I am truly going to enjoy. I look forward to placing more orders in the future.

Dear Mike,
just to let you know the ring arrived today...its absolutely georgous..thanks...I must say the pictures on your website just don't do it justice...maybe in touch soon for a pink one.....thanks again.
-Christina from the UK

Hi, Just to let you know my rings arrived today, they are breathtaking! I am so pleased thanks you so much. It's been a pleasure, and I am overjoyed with my rings, and very happy with the service you have showed me.
A very Happy Tracy from the UK.

I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how thrilled I am with my purchase. I have owned #25902 since Jan now. My husband gave it to me for our anniversary #13. I personally feel that it would be a terrible waste of money to spend thousands of dollars on real diamonds just to make a statement so I went hunting the Internet for a suitable alternative and found your site. No one has any idea my ring is counterfeit!!! As far as they know, I have the greatest husband in the world with impecible taste. I love the security of knowing that if the ring is lost or stolen, I'm only out a couple of hundred dollars and peace of mind when I think of the guarantee you offer. I wish you many more years of prosperity and happy customers. Oh, and thanks for the tip about using ammonia and water to clean my ring. I use it on all my jewelry now and WOW...does my jewelry sparkle!!!

I just want you to know that I have a ring I bought in 1989 or 1990 while in New Orleans. I wear it every day. I had to have the stone replaced about 10 years later and had no problems with the replacement. Somehow I had scratched the stone. Now here it is 18 years later I still get glowing comments from people every where I go about how beautiful it is. Even my real diamond and sapphire ring and other rings don't get noticed like my emerald with trillion side diamonds from your company. They all think it is real. I have told some close friends it's not real but never someone that notices it that I don't know. Keep up the great work. I am saving to buy a ring I have my eye on now.
Ann D.

Arrived right on time; excellent quality! I was absolutely amazed and wondered why I used to pay 6-times as much for [real] diamonds one-fouth the size! Thanks for all your help! We'll be repeat customers... Mitch

I just wanted to thank you for your help with the purchase of my wedding band set that Tom bought for our anniversary. It arrived the day before my birthday and what a wonderful birthday present!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I showed it off to all of my girlfriends, my mother, my sister, the dog, etc....and they were just as floored as I was. It is just beautiful...the artisanship has made the ring well worth the wait. You will definitely see us again...
Thanks again for all the help and the "wows"!

I had to write and share my story; hoping someone who isn't sure about ordering from Orlean's would read it and know they can trust you. I ordered a set of rings from another Internet company in May and it came in defective; I returned it at my cost ($10.10 with insurance) and ordered another set. It came in with the wrong stones in it. I returned it at my cost and reordered again. The 3rd set came in with the center stone mounted at an angle so it didn't even point up my finger. I sent that one back and had to fight to get a refund which I am still waiting for. I found your website and called to ask questions before deciding to place my order. Zabrina was so helpful and took my special order (I changed the shape of the centerstone). I told her of my problem\with the other company and she assured me that would not happen with Orlean's. She said I would have my rings in two weeks. I had waited three months with the other company and still didn't have any rings. So I waited 2 weeks and to my surprise the rings arrived. I have to admit that it took me about 3 minutes before I could open the box because of the terrible disappointments I had with the other company. When I opened the box I was so surprised I just sat there looking at them - the rings were the most beautiful set I think I ever saw. They were perfect the first time and I only had to wait two weeks. Anyone who isn't sure about ordering from Orlean's please know you will not be disappointed. I am in the process of ordering another ring with a counterfeit sapphire. And I am not the lease bit hesitant about ordering from Orlean's because I know they stand behind their product and the ring will be beautiful. Sincerely, CB in S.C.

Hi Zabrina!!!
Received the rings yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I'm so happy with them, delighted in fact.
I will be using you again no question! You should put on your web site that this International order was a massive success and buyers need not worry!! Thanks for your help. Good luck for the future!
All I've gotta do now is POP the question!! GULP!!
C from, Northern Ireland
International Customer

Hi there,
I recieved the beautiful ring last night. I was pleasantly surprized that it was so nice. I will be visiting your website again and making many more purchases in the future. One small thing, the ring was a little small, I will be taking it to have it sized a half of a size bigger. I probably should have ordered a size 9. Not at all your fault, silly me, oh well, again thanks and I will enjoy it for hopefully many years to come.
Karen H.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the prompt and professional service I received from your store on line. I bought a 2ct men's ring and am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the ring! I will definitely buy again from your store. Keep doing what you're doing because you guys got it right!
Sincerely, Aaron M.

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I received my ring today and it is breath taking. The gold work is wonderful and the stone is lovely. I will be a return customer. Thank You again.
W in ID

I received my L0412 engagement & L0413 matching wedding band on Friday. It is absolutely perfect. This wedding set is exactly what I have been searching for almost 8 years!! The engagement ring is the perfect combination of a yesterday-today-tomorrow setting on an eternity band. The center sapphire stone really adds that very special touch. AND, the matching eternity wedding band goes so, so perfectly. I also just love the side stones surrounding each band. It seems to have an overall antique flair to it. Thank you so much, I will treasure it!!

When I received my ring I couldn't believe it!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewelry and very real looking. The gold in it alone is worth the price. I will be ordering a ring for my husband soon, and I will also be ordering a pendant and other pieces in the future. Thank you for the fine craftsmanship put into this ring. I will cherish it forever.
Thanks again,
Debra K.

I am not sure if this is the right place to mail, but I just rec'd my order and I am speechless as to what to say about this ring. It is AMAZING!! I never would have expected the quality to be so close to a diamond!! If I would have known about your company when I was married years ago, I would have gotten my original wedding set from you!! It is simply breathtaking!! I wore it while shopping yesterday and promise I rec'd at least 10 compliments in one store. My friend was even in shock when she saw it....I had her believing it was a real diamond haha!!
I am just sending this to let you know that you have one EXTREMELY satisfied customer here.....from the ring to your customer service......I am 100% satisfied and I WILL purchase jewels from you again in the future!!
Sincerely, Mandi B.

Oh my goodness! I received the 3ct total weight Princess cut earrings! They are exquisite. I just about fell over when I opened the box. They look and feel wonderful. In diamonds, these were around $32,000. My husband and I are buying a boat with the savings! Amazing earrings and a boat! We will be customers for life!
Thank you very much!!!!
Elizabeth M.

I finally received my order last night! It's gorgeous! Better than I ever expected! I was so worried that it would still look like a fake because I've never bought anything without actually seeing it in person. I relied on the picture of it and your company's description of how they are made. My husband almost had a heart attack thinking that I spent a ton of money. The ring looks exactly like a real one that I tried on in a jewelry store. It's brilliance is superb, even better than my real diamond. Orleans Jewels truly stands by their advertising. Feel free to use my comments (minus my name) as a testimonial. Thank you so much and say thanks to the person who did the outstanding craftsmanship.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I received my "princess ring", item #78456, three stones set in yellow gold, a few days ago. It is just beautiful! Exactly what I wanted, --- and it looks gorgeous on my hand!
Thanks again! K.T.

I just wanted to write and say thank you to all of you for the wonderful job that you did on our rings. I waited 20 years for a diamond ring and my husband and I decided to buy ourselves new rings for our 20th anniversary. After 20 years, we could have spent thousands of dollars on genuine diamonds, but it was hard to justify. We looked and looked at your website before deciding to order our rings. We are so happy and proud of our rings. At first, I wondered if anyone could tell, but I've seen other diamonds on people and they look just like mine. I wear it proudly and absolutely love it! My husband's ring is just as gorgeous and he is very happy with his as well. Your company took our order over the phone, delivered the rings earlier than anticipated. I asked for a minor adjustment in mine, that was handled very easily and mailed back to me as quickly as possible. We are 100% satisfied customers.
Thank you for everything.
Vicki B.

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the single stone that I ordered from you a few weeks ago. I have a ring that had a center diamond...1.25, surrounded by diamonds. The center diamond was lost and I didn't want to spend the money to have it replaced. I ordered the special cut pear from you and just got it back from the jeweler from having it set. It is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier. I was concerned how it would look next to the real diamonds. It looks better than it did with the lost diamond. Many thanks for your great customer service. I will definitely order from you again. You have great quality.
Thanks again,
Karen P.

I finally got the ring tonight, and it looks fabulous! Please tell your jeweler what a fantastic job he or she did! I also really want to thank your for having so much pride in your business. That can be a rarity these days, and it certainly is refreshing to see. Your service and attentiveness is commendable, and I am certain to be a long term customer. I've got my eye on some earrings, and I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Thanks again, Anne.

I didn't know who to thank, but I absolutely fell in love with my one carat princess cut engagement ring that I received in the mail yesterday. I cannot believe how beautiful it is! Not only did it save me money, it makes me realize that there are diamonds out there for those of us who cannot afford the "real" thing.
This is beyond my expectations and my future fiance and I cannot thank your store enough. In fact, we were discussing flying to New Orleans to visit your store some day in person. I'm very impressed with your customer service and your jewelry. You have another customer for life!
Thank you so very much. I'm happier than I've ever been!
C. N.

I'm absolutely amazed by the engagement ring. It's even more beautiful than the eternity band. I'm blown away, quite impressed by the quality and artistry of your company's jewelry. It was well worth the wait. Even the metal, the gold, is beautiful. I'm very picky; I searched hundreds of online stores for my wedding jewelry. I love these two rings and I'm very happy I found your store. The second ring arrived safely and exceeded my expectations. The photo on your site doesn't do it justice. It's such a beautiful, unique setting. Thank you very much for your assistance throughout. You have a customer for life!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
E. A.

I just received my ring today, and I love it! The quality is outstanding and your customer service is the best. I had a nightmare experience with another Internet CZ company, so I am happy to find you guys. I will definitely be ordering from you again! I'd love to get to New Orleans to visit your store in person.
Thanks again!
Cindy D.

I just wanted you to know I love the ring. It is magnificent. I have a lot of real diamonds, and I must say that the quality of this ring is just as good as the real thing. I will definitely consider buying more jewelry since my ring came out so great. Thanks again.

I just had to let you know: I received my rings on Friday and cannot express how much I love them. I wish I would have seen your website earlier - could have saved us thousands over the years. But I am so happy with the rings; and so far, everyone has assumed they are real. Thank you so much for the ease of ordering and communicating and the quality of the product. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Annette A.

Hello, I just have to tell you how happy I am with the ring that ordered from you. #D8460
When I opened the box and took it out of the wrapping, I think that I actually gasped. It is so beautiful!! More than I expected. I'm a single working women and can't afford real diamonds. After seeing the quality of your products, I can't see any reason to spend thousands of dollars on the real thing, even if I could. I will definitely order more from you.
Thank You,
G. S.

Hello to everyone in your company,
I just received my ring today and I just had to let you know it's the most beautiful stone I've ever owned in my life, if I had known you existed a few years ago I would have not allowed my husband to spend the money we did on my other real diamonds, it's not worth it when companies like yours can make this kind of exquisite jewelry, now I have to force my self to stay away from your website or my husband will kill me for shopping some more.
Thank you!
Marylin F.

My wife is thrilled with the ring. It was a return and re-order of a two carat to a three carat brilliant cut. Your service was beyond excellent. My wife is having a very difficult time trying to convince her friends that this ring did not cost $20,000. You people make very good products. Please use these comments in your marketing efforts. It's nice to know that one can order something on-line and be completely satisfied with the results.
Keep up the good work.
Richard C.

I wanted to let you know I received my 1.25 round solitaire by UPS today as promised. What an
incredible ring!!! How extremely beautiful I LOVE IT! I would recommend you to anyone who asked.
The stone looks so real. I am wearing that instead of my 1.5 ct three stone engagement ring but with my 1ct wedding band. I think I need a band to go with it, so time to shop your site. What a wonderful job you all did and what great customer service you have. Hats off to you! You guys are great and I will definitely be back.
Shannon H.

After searching for over 2 weeks through jewelry stores both online and driving around, I finally found the ring that my wife REALLY wanted to have at We got the ring in the mail yesterday - SHE FLIPPING LOVES IT!! Thanks!!
High marks for quality and service - much appreciated!!"
Not kidding here, she just called me 10 minutes ago out of the blue to tell me how much she loves the ring ... again! Thanks ... again!!
Rick B.

I just received my order and I have to say I am extremely pleased. The ring and band I ordered are just beautiful. My orignal engagement ring and band were stolen during a home burglary several years ago and since then I have worn just a small gold band. With three small children at home and only one income a new solitaire was out of the question.

When I found your website I though I could maybe give a "fake" a shot and see what it was like. AND IT IS GORGEOUS! No one is the wiser and I feel like my finger is properly adorned. Zabrina was so helpful in answering my questions. This was a great experience!
Thank you very much.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my husband purchased a ring set from you for our 25th
anniversary. (He was smart enough to let me show him what I wanted). Anyway, he bought me a 1
carat emerald cut "diamond" with baguettes on the side along with the matching band just over 1 year ago. I work in the retail industry so my hands go through 100 customers a day on a slow day. I swear to you there is not one day that goes by that someone doesn't comment on how beautiful my ring set is. I also get compliments anywhere else I go that I am a customer (especially when writing checks). One of my customers the other day could not get over how much she loved it and was so funny when she said "that's a 1 carat emerald cut isn't it?" If she knew her size just from looking I would say she knows "fine" jewelry. Most of the time it is women who notice (of course!) but two days ago I was in a well known "Do it yourself" store and the gentleman waiting on me commented on the beauty of my rings!! I just had to tell you how much I love this set and with the $6.000.00 I saved because they are cz (which no one yet has been able to tell!!) I can put that money into my house for some much needed repairs.
Thank you New Orleans!! Have a Great Day!!

I just received the ring I had ordered from your company and had to contact you as soon as it was possible, to tell you how beautiful your jewelry is and what a pleasure it has been to order from your company. I had wanted to "copy" my original engagement ring, a 1.75 carat round empress diamond engagement ring my husband had purchased for me. I recently changed jobs and have been traveling frequently and although my original ring was insured fully, I had a mishap at the airport where my setting was damaged and had to have the ring repaired. I started looking for an imitation diamond I could wear when traveling. I originally ordered a ring from another Internet site which supposedly matched mine. I should have known there would be problems as the staff seemed to guess at my questions when I contacted the company. The ring arrived later than scheduled and was of such poor quality that I immediately contacted the company to return it. I was apprehensive about trying another company until I researched further and found you. The ring I received from your company is beautiful. The craftsmanship and quality of the piece is impeccable. When I put your ring next to my original, I knew I had to be careful as I might just mix them up. Additionally, your ring arrived early and the staff I spoke with about shipping, etc., were wonderful. I have been so pleased
with your product and service, that I will be ordering from you again, as well as referring friends and family.

Dear Sirs:
I received my order of a gent's ring with three princess cut stones yesterday. I have to tell you, I am
a 54 year old male who has bought diamonds in the past and own several diamond rings. I have never seen stones, real or counterfeit, that compare to yours. Your stones look every bit as real as any diamonds I have ever seen anywhere. I am completely taken in and am very pleased with the look of your product. So much so, that I have just put in another order for a pendant for my wife for the Christmas season. Thank you for selling a top-of-the-line product. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again!
N. Wilson

My husband and I visited your Riverwalk store when we were in New Orleans for a convention in July. Mr. Bill Channing was extremely knowledgable and helpful (and patient!). We purchased two rings and received them right on schedule - about 2 weeks later- as promised. For years I had been looking for just the right Emerald (my birth stone). I LOVE my 5ct emerald cut solitaire and Dennis is really enjoying the ring he selected. I am very excited about the quality and selection that you offer and I'm looking forward to future purchases for both of us.
Thank you!!!

Hi! I just wanted to send a thank you note to you for the pendant necklace you sent me for
last months monthly win. It is truely beautiful! Everyone that sees it thinks it is a 100% real
diamond. LOL Thanks so much for having this contest & for giving away such a wonderful necklace!
thanks :)
Jennifer B.


I recently ordered a 1 carat princess cut cz from you. It is to be used as the center stone in my
engagement setting. I took it to the jeweler where we bought the ring and she complimented me
on what a beautiful diamond it was. I told her it wasn't real. She was shocked. She said it was a
beautifully cut cz. I can't believe how real it looks. It is beautiful.
Thank you,

I just had to submit my experience with Orleans Jewels. I received my ring yesterday in the mail and
it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Now fiancé and I can focus on having the wedding that we have always dreamed of, and I have the ring (1.50 carat) that I have always dreamed of!!! Thank you so
much for your prompt and professional service and I look forward to us doing business again in the future!!!
Erica H.

My husband just purchased me the special cut 1.50 carat solitare, I received it today; and I am really impressed with the looks. I've been in top quality jewelry stores and have seen colorless, and near colorless 1.50 carat diamonds, and I write to tell you that these counterfeit diamonds look very much like the real thing. I am very pleased with my order, it was taken exactly what I requested to Sabrina over the phone. And Sabrina told me that it would take 2 weeks, and it arrived earlier, so I am very pleased with my ring. Thank you for top quality business, and I will be passing this website onto others desiring beautiful jewelry. Have a blessed day!

I have received, just moments ago, my order of a 1 ct. princess cut solitaire ring set in white gold. It is absolutely, extraordinarily beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for making the whole process of ordering this ring over the internet so easy and risk free. I was able to track the package in transit from the moment of shipment until it arrived at my office today. And you took the worry away by agreeing to deliver my ring to me at work, rather than having it sit unattended on my front porch step at home all day until I got home! This, in spite of the fact that I am a first time customer. Thank you for that! Your office personnel have been wonderfully courteous, friendly and helpful beyond description! All in all, I cannot say enough about your product and the way you deal with your customers.
Thank you again and again and again.

I have just received the heart-shaped solitaire ring I ordered. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really did not expect to be this pleased with it. I really appreciate your work, and I would definitely buy more jewelry from you.
Thanks so much.
Stephanie C.

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello: My Husband ordered a pair of stud earrings for our 30th. Anniversary. I have a pair of real diamonds, much smaller, they total 1/4 CT. Your Orleans Jewels, size 1.50 CT. are breathtaking. I've had so many compliments on them. Thank You so very much for making my Anniversary a wonderful one. I am also interested in a Wedding Set. I would like to put my diamonds away for my Children. Again...Thank You.
Mrs. Alice W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I just received my ring and it is the prettiest ring I have ever seen. I think I'm going to go broke just from buying from your website. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and making this special order for me.
Carol S.

I ordered ring #41168 from you and received it today. You guys did a great Job! I wanted it in white gold with a light colored sapphire and you really came through for me! It has all the sparkle and luster of any diamond! I hope visitors to your site will see my testimonial and come to realize the same thing I did. Diamonds are overrated! I have more fun saying "thankyou" to people when they compilment my ring! Lets be honest, thats what its all about! We had saved up money to buy an anniversary ring for me for our 15th. But as you can see, we bought a ring that was MUCH cheaper than we had planned on spending. So we added that $ to our 401k and bought more life insurance. We think retirement, college for the boys and life insurance are much more important than a "real" diamond, which by the way is NOT an investment! If you've ever tried to sell one you know what I mean! ! ~~ I have a whole list of things I want to buy from
you in the future!
Please add my name to your list of loyal customers. Thanks again,
Tammy M.

I just wanted to thank you for the pendant I recieved as the winner of last month's contest. It is beautiful & you now have a customer! I plan on coming back to your site when I am ready to purchase new jewelry. I really had doubts about getting a diamond that wasn't real, but this one is absolutely stunning! If it stays as clear & sparkling as it is now I will be sold on your products all the way!
Again, thank you!!
Diana S. - Contest Winner

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my marquise cut 2 caratring (canary yellow) and it is just beautiful. I only have one problem. I will have to wait for a few months before I can order something else, or people will wonder how I can afford to have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. The ring looks better than my real diamond.
Thank you again.
Judy J.

While I was in New Orleans visiting and strolling along the river walk, I passed by your store front at first I started to pass it up because the prices down south are the same as here, but the sprakle of your stones caught my eye, as I gazed over your wares, the very polite and charming sales Rep. explained to me that what I was looking at was indeed an Orleans Jewel, No Way! I buy jewelry a lot and I can 9/10 times see CZ from a distance regardless of the focused overhead light, but these were great lookers, so good I bought a pair of 1.0ct studs as a gift but decide to try them out before I gave them away...... well I have had many comments abouts the studs in my ears, so many my Girl friend is jealous (well I changed my mind she get some for Xmas) but anyway the stones look great and I have had them cleaned at the jewelers and as I watch, and as you know with the naked eye who's to question? They didn't! But they always try to sell me a ring or something to go with my studs!
Thank OJ for all the glitter and not the buck.

I wanted to thank you for the repair of my ring. I was very pleased with how quickly you returned the ring and just wanted you to know what a fabulous job you did. I will tell others about your fine company. I believe in your product and am very pleased to let others know of the quality of your jewelry. I have purchased five pieces from you and each one has truly been a delight to wear. I am amazed at the compliments and the looks that I receive each time I wear them. The beauty of the jewelry that I have purchased from your company is beyond compare and completely original and for that I will continue to be a loyal customer.
Thank you,
Ginger W.

I wanted to let you know that I have received the pendant and it is beautiful. When I wear it, everyone asks where I got it. Thank You very much and I will refer my friends to your site.
Monique D.

I ADORE my white gold waterfall ring guard with my white gold 3.5 w/g solitaire from you. You would never believe the compliments I get. Honest to God - almost every time I leave the house someone gushes over my rings. I've long since put up the $32,000 worth of real solitaires that I always used to wear and only wear Orleans rings. I'm WILD about your jewelry!

I have purchased over $6,000.00 of your wonderful jewelry over the past 13 years and I love it. I am sure I will spend a lot more with you over the next years. I have a daughter and a 10 year old granddaughter who loves your jewelry as well and I know I will continue to buy for them also. Thank you for a great product.
A loyal customer,
Glenda D.

My mother, two sisters and myself have all purchased several items from your company and are greatly satisfied. My father who was a gemologist, jeweler and watchmaker his entire career was impressed with the quality and workmanship on each piece. Believe me, it is hard to get a man like him to compliment anything that he himself did not create. So, I commend your company on your commitment to excellence in products as well as service.
Thanks Again!

I received the rings today and they are beautiful. Mine fits great and I'm sure his will fit wonderfully too! Thanks soooooooooo much for all your help. You truly made the process so much simpler. I would love to have your bosses e-mail address so I can help them understand what a great asset you are to the company.

Thank you so much for the earrings. I have been wearing them nearly every day, they are so beautiful. You'll definately see me come back as a customer.
Thanks again,
Kimberly A. - Contest Winner

Hay guys thanks for the feed back on the platinum pieces. I'm figuring Early Jan before coming back to Norlen's(New Orleans) to see you. My wife and I broughtour wedding bands from you a couple of years ago when we visited the store by the Peer. Since then we've returned and purchased 2 other pieces and 2 sets of earrings we are truly happy with all our purchases. We swear by your jewelry and are very pleased. We will never ever purchase a real stone again. You guys take care.
Life Time Customers

I received my ring a couple of days ago and I can't take my eyes off it! AHHHHHHHHH, it's just soooo beautiful! It's driving my crazy because I can't wear it because it's too big, so I'll have to have it sized next week, plus I can't wear it until Christmas anyway. I just can't get over howbeautiful it is, I was extremely skeptical until I saw it, it just takes my breath away! I noticed you do custom designs. In the future, I'd like a 1.5 princess center with two trillions on either side. I saw a company similar to yours that had that setting, but it was not near the quality of your stones. I really wanted that instead of the solitaire, but I can't bear to let this one out of my sight! Thanks again for making my day, my husband thanks you from the bottom of his checkbook!

Mike - Just a quick word - I am SO crazy about your jewelry. Just got back from an extended road trip. Wore one of my fabulous Orleans Jewels rings on one hand and my $18,000 one plus carat 18kt gold custom-designed ring (with several yellow diamonds) on the other. Everywhere I went people went "ape" over my Orleans ring. That's it! By the end of the week I will have deposited my real stones in the bank safe deposit box indefinitely. I'm ready for another wonderful ring creation for Christmas. Will be placing an order any day now.

Thanks you so much for choosing me as a winner in your contest. The ring arrived yesterday and it's gorgeous! About a year or so ago I took off my engagement ring and put it on my night stand. I haven't seen it since. I suspect it got mixed in with some papers and inadvertently thrown away. In any event, I haven't seen it in ages. I've been wanting to get something to take its place and the ring you sent me is just right. I'll be wearing it proudly as an engagement ring. Frankly it's much prettier than the one I lost, but don't tell my husband I said so.
Thanks again,

I have received so many compliments on the Ruby Heart Shaped ring #41208. I have almost had some ladies "drooling" over it! It is noticed almost overtime I am either in a restaurant or department store.

I received my ring today and have to say I am absolutely in awe of it. I have a for 10 years worn a 1 carat diamond solitaire with a plain band and after 10 years wanted something new. I felt a little guilty about it but my husband said go for it. I had bought another CZ ring from a shopping channel that was pretty, but it was a 2 carat and the jump from 1 to 2 was a little much for me and was shipped back. They didn't offer anything in between like a 1.25 carat or 1.50 so it led me to search the net. When I found you, your selection seemed endless with endless possibilities. When I originally trying to decide what to go with I toyed with the notion of changing one of your rings from a 1.25 carat to a 1.50 carat. I liked the idea that your jeweler offered that service. I even emailed you and inquired about it and was promptly and courteously replied to and told it was a not a problem. After giving it a lot of thought, I figured your jewelers had undoubtedly designed this ring with the right stone to compliment it and I had better leave it be. I was so glad I did! Anything more might have been too much . This is a stunning ring and I'm happy to call it mine. May I say that the only difference I can see between your counterfeit and my diamond is the price? I can afford to play
now and still have the look I want. Sometimes we don't get thanked for the things we do right so... Thank you for responding so quickly, thank you for offering us the choice to be creative if we wish to, thank you for a large site with good quality photographs of your merchandise (I can't tell you how many sites I've visited with poor quality pictures) and last but not least, thanks for making my day!

I just wanted to let you know I received the necklace today and it is just beautiful. It actually looks better than a real diamond and I just love the unique setting.
Thanks so much.
Andrea D.

My boyfriend popped the question at Christmas and presented me with a "diamond" he had purchased from you. We had agreed beforehand that real diamonds were over rated, very expensive, and in reality a bad investment. I knew I would receive a "fake" and I was so pleased to get the one he bought from your company. We were able to afford a large stone because of the savings and my ring is just BEAUTIFUL!!! No one doubts its authenticity because my boyfriend owns his own company and we are far from broke!!! All my friends are just in awe!!! Now I am cruising your site to get his wedding band!!! Thanks so much...You are good!!!
Roberta S.

I received my ring yesterday - way ahead of schedule, and was glad that I was sitting when I opened the package. I have never in my life seen anything so gorgeous!!!!! As I mentioned, next Wednesday is my 20th wedding anniversary, and there is nothing in the world I'd rather have than this ring. Ever since I got my first Orleans Jewel years ago, not even my own $15,000 real diamond rings measure up. I'll enjoy this ring for the rest of my life - and I want to thank you for your kindness and patience with me in choosing this ring. Your suggestion of going w/three and one-half carats was brilliant. It's the PERFECT size for my hand. And I'm glad I took your suggestion and got the "special cut." What a dazzler! Thanks again for all your help. Now I need some earrings!!! Better pull out my catalog.
Cynthia K.

I've received the 3.5ct Radiant Cut (champagne) w/tri sides ring and just wanted to let you know it's absolutely stunning and exactly what I wanted.
Jeannine G.

I have just received my 6.5MM solitaire. It is just beautiful. I can't wait to show it off to all my friends. It looks like I spent a fortune on it. I love it, and will be very proud to wear it all the time. I will be back to purchase more things.
Thank you so much.
Elizabeth M.

I applaud your outstanding customer service; letting me know the shipping date is a large cut above the average net vendor.

I just wanted to let you know I picked up my ring during the lunch hour. It is gorgeous. I decided to go with the 2.75ct blue sapphire surrounded by the ten point diamonds. I know I made the right decision by purchasing the ring from you. Everyone was very helpful in making my decision. You can look forward to my repeat business.
Once again, thank you very much.
Jeff S.

Dear Sirs; During the summer months I made a purchase from your updated catalog. My purchase was of a marquise ring with trillion side accents. I wear this ring often and get many compliments on its beauty! Recently my husband bought a jewelers loop to look at pieces we sometimes come across at estate sales etc. I have other cz jewelry so we thought it might be of interest to see how the quality of these pieces measured up to my Orleans ring. Not only was there no comparison in clarity, cut and color the other cz had numerous inclusions and bubbles in the stones! This we found interesting since the companies that sell these claim to have "The best cz on the market"! Of course when we looked at my Orleans ring there wasn't an inclusion of any kind!, and not a bubble to be found. Now I know many people wouldn't care about imperfections on such pieces, but when we as consumers are told a product is "The best" then that product should reflect the claim. Thank you Orleans for a truly superior product in todays market! I will only wear Orleans Jewels from now on, the other cz jewelry out there may be ok to some folks, but I will stay will the BEST!!!!!
Your customer for life,
Yvonne B.

The ring is beautiful, and my fiance is THRILLED with it. It is a very high quality piece of jewelry, and
only we know that it is not truly a real diamond. Thank-you for rushing the job and getting it to us as
quickly as possible.
Jason L.

The quality of the earrings is amazing! I compared them to a diamond of the same size and you really can't tell that the earrings are not the real thing even when placed directly beside a diamond. WOW! (I even had to clean my ring in order for it to sparkle as nicely as the earrings do!) I'm going to tell my friends about your Jewelry and your great contest (not to mention fast service). Thanks again!
Belinda M.

I just wanted you to know, I just received my gents ring in size 6 1/2, and I love it. Fits perfect, and it looks like a great quality piece of jewelry. Thank you for the excellent service, and again for the on-line discount. Just wanted to let you know I received these and my wife loves them.
Thank you for having the contest. The .50 carat bezel pendant I ordered arrived today. BEAUTIFUL. It even exceeded my expectations. I also commend you on the secure way you shipped my package. I will order again.
Christine W.

To those at Orleans,
Just wanted to let you know,as promised my ring arrived today. Breathtaking, beautifully distracting,
needless to say I'm thrilled! The quality is as promised(superior)the ring exceeded all my high expectations, I shall enjoy it always. You've got a customer for life!!
Brooke W.

My fiance and I purchased my engagement ring at your New Orleans store and I LOVE IT! We saved
enough for a wonderful wedding!

I just received my first order. My first impression is ,wow! I hope to do much business in the future.
J. Payne