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Thank you for your interest in Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds. As you know, most customers rely on their jeweler's expertise when purchasing jewels and precious gemstones. However, not all jewelers are as knowledgeable when it comes to Man Made stones and many do not care to be. Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds has specialized in man made jewels for over 50 years. A true understanding of these types of gems cannot be achieved without a thorough education in their natural counterparts. You can depend on Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds for the highest quality of man made stones. We guarantee you will receive the finest man made stones available in the price range you choose.
Our FAQs

How should I clean my Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds?
You may use any jewelry cleaner or ammonia and water to clean your Oleans Counterfeit Diamonds. Soak your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds in the solution long enough to loosen any film which may accumulate under the stone, after the soaking, use a soft brush to tap out under the stone to remove any film, then rinse with cold water. This should restore your Orleans Counterfeit Diamond to their original brilliance. Your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds may be cleaned the same way you clean your other fine jewelry.

I can't seem to get my Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds cleaned, what should I do?
By all means, Please return your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds to us, and we will be glad to steam clean and polish it for you for a minimal charge of $25 per piece. You may return it by mailing it (insured) To:
DeGrado, Inc.
P.O. Box 389
Benton, MS. 39039

While it is here, we will also check your stones for any breakage and check your stone to be sure they are all tight in their settings, so please include a daytime phone number so we may reach you in case there are any repairs needed at that time.

Why are Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds more expensive than other manmade stones I can purchase anywhere else?
Just as there are higher and lower quality grades in genuine diamonds, there are higher and lower grades in manmade stones. Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds strives to only sell our customers the highest grade of manmade stones. Many establishments sell manmade stones, but cannot offer a lifetime guarantee that the stones will continue to hold their brilliance and color. Do you wonder why? We can offer this lifetime guarantee because we only use the highest grade stones available, and we take pride in this ability.

What do I do if my Orleans Jewels merchandise need repair?
Please be assured that if your Orleans Jewels merchandise should need any type of repair, we can and will provide it. We stand behind our merchandise 100% and can provide any type of repair on your Orleans Jewels merchandise. We have our own master jewelers who are highly experienced in the setting and repair of our jewelry if needed. Any and all repairs, if necessary, can be provided by our jewelers.

What is the durability of the Orleans Counterfeit Diamond?
On the hardness scale for stones, the genuine diamond is a 10, our Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds are 8.5 to 9. Our stones are very durable for everyday wear. Any stone, including genuine diamonds, sapphires, rubys, etc. may be broken or fractured. In the case your Orleans Counterfeit Diamond breaks or fractures, we will replace the stone at half the original price. NO ONE can guarantee any stone you may purchase including a genuine diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc. will not break or fracture under any conditions.

I have a genuine diamond ring, pendant, earring, etc. I would like to have duplicated in your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds, can I have this done?
In most cases, yes. All you have to do, is send us a picture of your jewelry you wish to have duplicated to our email or post office box address, and we will be glad to look through our extensive library of rings, pendants, earrings, etc. to see if we can duplicate your special piece of jewelry. We have many customer who wish to wear their jewelry, but are afraid to wear it because of the increasing and alarming rate of theft and crime. We have duplicated many designs for customers like you, who purchase jewelry you love but are too afraid to wear in public. Please feel free to send us a picture or sketch of your jewelry for duplication.

Can I purchase Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds loose?
Yes, our extensive inventory of loose stones is available for purchase.

Can I purchase my Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds loose, and have my local jeweler set them?
Yes, any experienced jeweler should be able to set your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds. If you prefer to have your local jeweler set your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds, we cannot guarantee their work, as we have no control over their workmanship. Our guarantee is only in effect if our jewelers set your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds.

Are your stones cubic zirconia?
Yes, technically they are cubic zirconia, but they are of the highest grade available on the market today.
What are your stones made of:
Zirconium oxide stabilized with magnesium and calcium. By using carefully controlled high purity ingredients and additives, our stones rival the color and brilliance of the best of genuine diamonds.

What makes your stones better than other cubic zirconia?
We do not call our stones "cubic zirconia" because our stones are not the same as the cubic zirconia you see at department/discount stores. Our stones are cut by diamond cutters and are hand polished. If you think in the same terms you do with genuine diamonds, there are high grade and low grade genuine diamonds. In most cases you can just look at other cubic zirconia and then look at ours, you will see a remarkable difference.

What is the difference between the regular cut and the special cut Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds?
Our special cut stones are hand cut to special specifications. The round Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds are actually called double cuts, this means every facet cut on the stone is doubled. On our fancy cuts, the special cut takes out the bow tie in the center of the stone. On all fancy cut genuine diamonds there is a characteristic bow tie shape in the center of the stone, which is supposed to be there. Our special cut fancy shapes which include marquise, oval and pear shapes have extra facets cut to remove the bow tie in the center. This makes the stone totally brilliant. The special cut in the emerald shape is the radiant cut. This takes the traditional step cut in the emerald cut and turns it into a totally beautiful brilliant emerald cut.

More On Our Special CutsAlternatives to Cubic Zirconia:
For the dimensions on different carat weights click here:

How do I convert my ring size to the US standard ring size if I am ordering from outside the US?
Click here to show a ring size equivalent chart that shows all the sizes.

One of the properties that makes the genuine diamond so endearing, is its ability to refract a ray of light into colors of red, orange, green, yellow, violet and blue. This ability is measured in terms of the refractive index. The Orleans Counterfeit Diamond has a refractive index of 2.18, very close to a genuine diamond which is 2.42. Both gems are unique in that this "fire" is present not only in the colorless varieties, but in the colored as well.
No stone is as hard as a genuine diamond, but the Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds, unlike some of the earlier diamond imitations, is a very durable gemstone, Although the genuine diamond is the hardest gemstone, they have been known to fracture. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE THAT ANY GEMSTONE WILL NEVER FRACTURE.

Your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds carry a "Lifetime" guarantee that they will not cloud, loose their brilliance, fade or yellow. If this should happen, your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds will be replaced free of charge. If your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds should chip or fracture (does not apply if abused), we will replace your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds at half (1/2) the original purchase price.
Every piece of jewelry with our stones comes with a guarantee card!
There are many manmade stones on the market today which carry no type of guarantee at all. Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds can offer this guarantee because we strive to sell only the highest quality manmade stones available.

Diamonds are graded by the four "C's": carat, color, clarity and cut. Many customers thing of diamonds only in terms of carat weight. It is the combination of the grades in all four "C's" that determine the final value of both a genuine and a manmade diamond. The CARAT weight of a genuine diamond is the weight of the stone in carat weight. Manmade stones are always heavier in carat weight than genuine diamonds, as the material they are made of is more dense.
The COLOR of a diamond can effect its value. Complete absence of color represents the high end of the scale, and pale, unevenly tinted stones comprise the lower end. Diamonds with an unusually high degree of color are known as fancies, and are graded by the evenness, rarity, and tone of the color. Both genuine and Orleans Jewels are available in various colors ranging from palest yellows to brilliant reds.
The CLARITY is the clearness or transparency of a stone. In genuine diamonds, this is determined by nature, minute mineral traces and small crystals of imperfections that can cloud a stone. The clearer the stone, the more valuable it is. The clarity of a counterfeit diamond can be controlled in the lab. However, bad melts can produce stones with small inclusions. Variations in metal oxide mixture's can change the color of the stone. Uneven coloration is as undesirable in a counterfeit diamond as in a genuine diamond.
The CUT in any stone depends on the skill of the stone cutter. He must evaluate a gem crystal carefully to determine how much of the crystal should be cut away to produce a stone or stones with good clarity. He must also determine which stone shapes will make maximum use of the crystal; of great importance when working with genuine diamonds. The cutter must make as much use of the crystal as he can, as diamond is too valuable to waste.
Proportion plays an important part in the cut of a diamond. An "ideal" diamond is cut to mathematical specifications to allow a maximum amount of light to be reflected through the stone. This type of cut is known as the "Brilliant" cut. Variations from these set proportions can reduce the brilliance of the stone. When working with diamonds, a cutter might find it more cost wise to vary from these angles in order to remove a flaw or inclusion, yet still retain maximum carat weight. As counterfeit diamond crystals are more moderate in cost and almost flawless in clarity, larger stones can be cut to correct proportions.
The final step in the production of a gemstone is the polish. A bad polish on either a genuine or a counterfeit diamond can effect its clarity and brilliance.
The Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds simulates the highest grade of genuine diamond in clarity, cut and color in diamond terminology
It is the highest quality available in simulated diamond gemstones.
Regular cut (58 facet standard shape) Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds sell for $50.00 per carat (equivalent diamond weight). Special cut (40 to 144 facets) or colored Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds are offered at $100.00 per carat (equivalent diamond weight).


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Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds require the same care as your genuine diamond jewelry. Individual pieces should be stored in a padded box or container when not in use. Items with chains should be stored separate from each other to prevent tangling. For cleaning, any commercial jewelry cleaner is recommended, or mix your own by adding one (1) part sudsy ammonia to three (3) parts water. Let the jewelry soak in the mixture. This soaking should be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes to as long as overnight. After the soaking, use a soft bristle brush to tap out underneath the stone while rinsing with cool water. Underneath the stone is where a film will develop over time from the normal daily use of lotions, perfumes, powders and body oils. Clean your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds at least once a week.

Some jewelers will suggest that you clean your jewelry by boiling in water on the stove. This is a very old fashioned way of cleaning jewelry. We do not suggest that you clean any of your jewelry in this way.
Any gemstone jewelry worn for a prolonged period of time without proper cleaning, may require a professional cleaning. If this should occur with your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds, please feel free to return your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds to us and we will provide this professional cleaning for you.
You should send your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds to:
DeGrado, Inc.
PO Box 389
Benton, MS 39039

Many customers are initially most interested in a diamond's size before they learn about the importance of the cut. Of the four "C's", the cut is the most important in determining a diamond's brilliance.
In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky, a third generation Antwerp born diamond cutter and student of mechanical engineering, determined the proper proportions at which a diamond should be cut to obtain maximum fire and brilliancy. This ideal, known as the Brilliant Cut, is an objective measurable standard. It guarantees that a diamond has been cut to its best possible proportions for optimal beauty rather than simply to maintain maximum carat weight. In fact, diamond proportion and finish grades are defined in terms of the degree of departure from this standard. Each brilliant cut diamond has fifty-eight (58) facets, cut at precise mathematically determined angles to reflect and refract maximum light rays. This enables light to shine back up through the top (or table) of the diamond in a brilliant blaze, giving the brilliant cut diamond its unique beauty. It is important not to confuse a diamond's cut with its shape. All fancy shapes, including the oval, marquise, pear, heart, emerald cut, baguette, square and triangle may be cut to optimum brilliance.

A circle that never ends...the round brilliant cut diamond has become a symbol for everlasting love. The round delivers maximum brilliance, dispersion, fire and is the most popular of all diamond shapes.
The oval has an oblong shape, a slightly elongated form. Facets around the top portion of the stone are very similar to the facet arrangement on the round stone. For this reason, a well-cut oval diamond gives off a sparkling "twinkling" appearance, catching and reflecting light from all directions. Like all fancy cuts (all cuts except the round), the oval has the characteristic bow tie effect in the center.
It takes an average of eight (8) to ten (10) hours to cut (shape-facet-polish) a one carat oval. The time required to cut an oval is roughly twice the time needed for cutting a round stone because it takes more time to do the primary shaping.
One of the most elegant diamond shapes is the marquise cut...a diamond that comes to a point on both ends. The preferred dimensions of a marquise require that the length of the stone be approximately twice the width of the stone. The marquise cut also has the characteristic bow tie effect in the center. Characterized by pinpoint flashes of fiery brilliance, this unique cut presents a very contemporary appearance in today's designs.
The pear shaped diamond, or tear-drop, is pleasing because of its irregular shape. It is not symmetrical, but rounded on one end and pointed at the other end. It is ideal for pendants or dangle earrings and creates a dramatic centerpiece in a cluster setting. The pear shape cut also has the characteristic bow tie effect in the center.
The heart shaped diamond is not new, but the shape was used traditionally for colored stones. A heart must be cut to near perfect proportions to bring out the "heart" shape, and ideally it should be as long as it is wide. As a very romantic feminine stone, its popularity has increased with the move away from the more conventional round engagement ring. Its unique shape creates an unusual effect in any design.
The emerald cut diamond is rectangular, with facets on each of the sides and across the corners. Many of the facets on the emerald shaped stone are larger than on the round stone. These larger facets project more pronounced flash. The facets on the bottom of the emerald stone (the pavilion facets) are broad with flat planes resembling steps. Many refer to this type of cut as a "step cut". While the emerald cut doesn't have the brilliance of a round stone, its appeal lies in its quality, simplicity and beauty. It's truly a regal shape.
In recent years the traditional emerald cut diamond has been transformed into a totally brilliant diamond. The faceting of the radiant cut diamond combines the traditional rectangular emerald shape with the fiery brilliance of the round brilliant cut diamond. It is an exciting effect! The brilliance is dramatically increased, with facets arranged in a circular pattern on the underside of the stone softening the straight line vertical facet pattern on the top of the diamond. This innovating cutting yields a greater brilliance because its' facets allow more light refracting surfaces. It is the ultimate in brilliance.
The word "baguette" (pronounced baget) is derived from the French and means "rod". It is the same word used to describe the long, rectangular loaves of French bread. Baguette diamonds are difficult to cut, which requires expert cutting skills. The cut is designed to reflect maximum brilliancy and color play as light hits the inner surfaces of the stone. Although most baguettes are oblong or rectangular in shape, they are available in straight and tapered cuts. Baguette stones are not new. In fact, they were often used in antique jewelry. However, new techniques, equipment, and materials used in modern day cutting have so greatly improved the quality of the finished stone that the use of baguettes in jewelry design has taken a new direction.
The triangle is a diamond cut as an equilateral triangle with squared points. It has fifty-eight (58) facets, the same as the round brilliant cut diamond. The surface area of the triangle is twice the size of a round stone of comparable weight. It is a relatively thin or flat stone. The triangle cut diamond has three (3) straight cut sides with cut corners.
The trillion is a brilliant cut applied to the triangular shape. The trillion has sharp points instead of squared off points, slightly curved sides, and culet facets. This involves lengthening some of the girdle facets. The uniqueness of the trillion is that the light entering the stone reflects from the points rather than from the culet as on other brilliant cuts. Like the triangle, the trillion is popular as a side stone. However, due to the vulnerability of its exposed points, care must be taken in selecting a mounting. The trillion makes a dramatic solitaire, recessed in a channel or bezel set. Some of the most sensational pendant/earring/ring sets contain trillion centers surrounded by baguettes or rounds.
As an exceptional complement to colored stones, the triangle/trillion can be used as side stones just as baguettes are used. The triangle/trillion is an interesting modern cut with a great deal of fire and flash.
The traditional square cut diamond is a very symmetrical shape stone. The faceting is similar to the emerald cut (step cut). These stones are cut totally square in size. This cut can be with pointed corners or with cut corners.
The princess cut is a combination of the round brilliant cut and the square cut. It is normally used on larger stones. Whereas the square cut has a rounded table (the flat top of the stone), the princess cut has a slightly squared table. The facets on the crown differ from the facets of an emerald cut stone, thus creating a "scissors" effect. The use of extra facets on the pavilion create a pattern similar to a round cut stone. If you covered the square edges of the princess cut stone and looked at its center, you could almost believe you were looking at a round brilliant cut stone. This produces extraordinary sparkle and fire and an unbelievably beautiful stone.
For The Dimensions On Different Carat Weights Click Here:

Although the fifty eight (58) facet brilliant cut is known as the standard measurement of quality in the cutting industry, there are special instances when deviations are necessary. Too much light refraction in a small area reduces clarity, therefore extremely small stones may be cut with fewer facets. Larger stones may be cut with more facets for the opposite reason. The size of the stone may so increase the width of the facets that brilliance is lost. It is not unusual to find diamonds one carat and up cut this way. With the introduction of new cuts like the radiant, princess, and trillion, the demand for multifaceted stones has increased.
Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds offers our "Special Cut" in all standard shapes except princess cut, triangle and baguettes. The "Special Cut" round brilliant Orleans Counterfeit Diamond has even more facets cut to make it even more brilliant than the traditional round brilliant stone. The "Special Cut" Orleans Counterfeit Diamond in all fancy shapes (all shapes except the round) adds more facets in the center of the stone to actually take out the characteristic "bow tie" effect in the center. The "bow tie" effect is a characteristic of all fancy shape stones and should be present in a correctly proportioned cut fancy stone. Many customers today wish to have the stone totally brilliant (without the "bow tie"). Our "Special Cut" fancy shape stones remove the "bow tie" from the stone by adding more facets to the center of the stone. The number of additional facets needed to create this effect varies from stone to stone. Each different shape and carat size stone carries a different number of additional facets to remove the "bow tie" from the stone.













Moonstone, Pearl, Alexandrite






Blue Sapphire, Blue Spinel


Opal, Rose Zircon


Citrine, Golden Topaz


Turquoise, Blue Zircon

Anniversary Gemstones List

1 - Gold Jewelry

17 - Watches

2 - Garnet

18 - Cat's Eye

3 - Pearl

19 - Aquamarine

4 - Blue Topaz

20 - Emerald

5 - Sapphire

21 - Iolite

6 - Amethyst

22 - Spinel

7 - Onyx

23 - Imperial Topaz

8 - Tourmaline

24 - Tanzanite

9 - Lapis

25 - Silver Jubilee

10 - Diamond Jewelry

30 - Pearl Jubilee

11 - Turquoise

35 - Emerald

12 - Jade

40 - Ruby

13 - Citrine 45 - Sapphire
14 - Opal 50 - Golden Jubilee
15 - Ruby 55 - Alexandrite
16 - Peridot 60 - Diamond Jubilee

To See Some Of These Colors Click Here:

15-Day No Risk Return Privilege

We guarantee your satisfaction with both our merchandise and our service.

We offer a 15-day return/exchange period on any non-custom order. Simply have your order postmarked back to us within 15 days of receiving it, for a refund or exchange minus the restocking fee if you are not satisfied . Please make sure that the jewelry is packaged in its original packaging when shipping it back. In order to receive a refund/credit, the jewelry must be damage free and in sellable condition. Any jewelry ordered for viewing purposes will be charged a 30% restocking fee per piece. Our return policy applies to all jewelry purchases. Any jewelry that has been worn, resized, altered or damaged in any way cannot be accepted for return. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us or call our toll-free number. We're always ready to help.

For more policy details click here:

We guarantee that if your Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds should ever cloud or discolor for reasons attributable to a defect in manufacture, it will be replaced free of charge. In the event your Orleans Counterfeit Diamond should ever fracture (does not apply if abused) we will replace it for one-half of the original purchase price.

Please note that platinum settings, 18Kt gold settings, 14Kt rose gold, any ring sized outside of our sizing standards or is altered in any way once received by the customer are considered custom orders and are non-returnable unless there is a defect in the stone as mentioned above in which case we would replace the stone. Also any piece requested to be custom made that is not shown or offered on our website is considered a custom order. Custom orders must be paid in full at time of ordering. There are no cancellations or refunds after 24 hours.

Our standard ring sizes for ladies are 5 to 8 and for men 8 to 11. Any ring that is ordered above or below these sizes are considered a custom order and an additional charge of $30.00* per size will to be added to the price of the ring. This includes quarter and half sizes. For example, if you order a ladies ring with a size of 9.5, the extra charge will be $60.00. Custom ordered pieces cannot be returned.
*For all full eternity bands an additional charge of $30.00 per size will to be added to the price of the ring. This includes quarter and half sizes.

Item Availability and Shipping Time
- When you place an order with Orleans Jewels, we create that piece of jewelry according to your wishes and specifications. We do not mass produce our jewery and because of the size of our collection, it would be impossible to keep every piece with every option available, in every size. Nor would we want to. At Orleans Jewels we pride ourselves on our ability to design, create and deliver beautiful jewelry to our customers according to their individual tastes.

We understand your need to have your piece arrive on time. We know the importance of having the "perfect gift" for engagements, anniversaries and holidays. Please allow us to help you ensure you receive your jewelry in a timely fashion by making these suggestions:

1) Please allow up to 24 hours for an internet order to be processed.

2) Your jewelry could take 1-6 weeks to create depending on the piece and the options you've selected. Please call us and we can let you know if your piece is available for immediate shipment, or when it will be available.

3) Tell us the date you need the piece - we can give you a reasonable expectation as to when your order will be ready.

4) Know your shipping options. Overnight means from the day your order is produced and not from the day you place your order.

- Please note that ground shipping can take up to 7 business days to arrive. We do offer second day and overnight shipping for faster delivery, once your piece is complete.

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